Synergetic has released over 500 titles into the marketplace. We spend a lot of time looking for quality driven content, with an eye on good storytelling. All genres have potential, but each film is unique in its trajectory to success. Our goal is to find that potential with each film, whether it be a theatrical release, a broadcast deal, or a highly motivated digital marketing strategy. Our company started with direct relationships with the (then) major DVD players such as Blockbuster and Walmart, along with burgeoning digital players such as Netflix and Hulu. Today, our pipeline covers all major sectors of release.
Our services include:

Domestic distribution With over ten years in the distribution business, Synergetic has worked with every major platform, in additional to hundreds of smaller services. We release films in USA/Canada on a monthly basis via theatrical, digital, educational, and what remains of the DVD market.

International distribution With the growth of streaming, our distribution has expanded to releasing our titles throughout the world .Currently, we are able to release in over 150 territories, in addition to licensing for broadcast/satellite service in China, Europe, and LatAm.

Streaming There are over half a million movies produced since the inception of filmmaking over 100 years ago. Today, over 1000 titles get introduced into the marketplace on a monthly basis. We are in an age of exceeding supply, and yet, the end user has a hard time finding something good to watch. The reasons are varied, but for the most part, major platforms are pushing their content first, while other platforms are offering a sea of unknown titles with little to no diamonds in the rough. We launched our streaming platform Darkroom as a means to find something good to watch. We are constantly striving to discover memorable films and series throughout the age of film. Moreover, we are developing search and save tools to help customers find something worth watching in a simple and efficient way. Currently, Darkroom is on web, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android Mobile, and currently will be launching on Samsung, LG, and other Smart TV devices in 2023

Platform support With our streaming platform came the development of an engine which can handle Virtual Cinema, TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD. With an effort to further support our industry, we will be launching free and proprietary tools to enable content providers the ability to release content on multiple devices. If you are a movie theater, festival, or producer, or other content holder and would like to have your films or series on iPhone, Android, Roku or other devices, we'll do our best to support you!

If have interest in working with us, drop us a line on our contact page!