Soy Nero

Rafi Pitts117Drama,War

Green Card Soldiers are Mexican immigrants who join the US Army for citizenship. Over 8000 of these war veterans have been deported. Nero, a deported Mexican, returns illegally to the U.S in search of his identity. He joins the army as a shortcut to citizenship, and through it, fights for his life and nationality.


Sean Skelding103Comedy,Horror

In a world where women have turned into exhibitionist man-eaters, a small band of survivors must make their way to the safety of Grandma?s house. Along the way, they encounter hordes of ravenous half-dressed strippers. Will they survive, or be eaten alive by millions of poledancing zombies?


Danny Roth91Drama,Thriller

Billy is the self-designated leader of a group of teenagers living in a shelter. Jacob and Rae, Billy's oldest childhood friends, live there as well as part of "the family". Billy has an AIDs-like virus, which he has passed on to his blood brother Jacob. Billy and Rae are boyfriend and girlfriend, much to the dismay of Jacob who has always loved Rae from afar. Billy's philosophy of life, and how that interfaces with having a deadly virus, comes to a head when Billy and Jacob compete in a very unique game of "Tag", with the future of Rae and "the family" dependent upon the outcome.


Michael J. Rix78Comedy,Drama

A dark comedy created with claymation, revolving around Rob, a young out-of-work writer, procrastinating work on his great South African novel. When he wins on a lottery scratch card that provides him a salary for the rest of his life he thinks all his troubles are over, until he becomes convinced that someone is trying to cut his life short!

The Anchorite

Aviv Rubinstien93Drama

On the brink of a 35-day cross-country tour, stubborn guitarist Aaron finds himself unceremoniously ejected from the band and takes his revenge by hijacking the tour van and setting off to perform all of their shows solo. But when his manager insists he take on fresh faced singer-songwriter Chelsea as an opening act, Aaron?s got to make nice with her and her very different takes on life, love and music. Eventually Aaron and Chelsea realize they have more in common than they thought, and when they?re joined by Aaron?s estranged high school best friend Dan the Drummer, the three musicians travel the country becoming not just a band, but a family.

The Big Lie

The Big Lie digs deeper into the world of corruption, politics and pharmaceutical greed. Matthew Perry, Jonathan Davis, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich contribute to this eye opening examination of America's deadly dependency on prescription medication, and a system more bent on creating addiction than health.

The Brick House

Gustavo Cervantes95Fantasy

The Brick House is a modern retelling of the classic 'three little pigs' tale in a fantasy-western drama, where three estranged brother pigs are reunited by the inheritance of their Uncle's countryside homestead after his tragic death in a house fire. Upon deciding to repair the home for themselves, they quickly become the unfortunate target of some local business tycoons a ruthless pack of wolves who's seedy plans will have them stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

The Glass Coffin

Haritz Zubillaga77Horror,Thriller

Amanda steps into a limousine waiting to take her to a gala ceremony where she will receive a lifetime award for her acting career. Suddenly, the windows go dark, doors lock, and Amanda's phone is jammed. A strange, metallic voice tells her that she?s trapped, and begins forcing her to do things that eat away at her self-respect and integrity. Amanda is clever, but will she escape this diabolical end game?

The Inbetweeners

Ben Palmer,Gordon Anderson,Damon Beesley,Iain Morris18x30Episodic,Comedy

The painfully funny, hit comedy, about four goofy teenagers. When his father walks out on his mother and himself, bespectacled, nerdy Will McKenzie is forced to leave his private school and enroll at the local comprehensive, where his accent and appearance make him an easy target for the school psycho. Seeking to make friends with 'normal' boys he pals up with Jay, Neil and Simon, but none of them are exactly winners, as is evidenced when they try to buy alcohol in a pub.

The Mystery Beneath

Magnus Egler60Documentary

Treasure hunters Peter and Dennis were out on a typical day exploring the Baltic Sea when a very unusual image appears on the sonar. A nearly 200 foot cylindrical object was something that had never been seen before. This documentary takes you on the extraordinary journey to find out what the object could be. Reviewed by multiple disciplines of scientists, and using advanced equipment, discover what very well may be an ancient crash site from an advanced civilization millions of years ago.

The Pedophile Hunters

Simon Egan60Documentary

Given exclusive access to one of America's most secret law enforcement agencies, this film follows the agents of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as they track down, arrest and extradite American paedophile sex tourists. In Cambodia, ex cop Chris Matarelli works alongside former Khmer Rouge boy soldier Vansak Suos, investigating Americans who have abused children as young as four - sometimes sold to them by their own parents. As in extraordinary rendition, these agents work under the radar - but so far, eighty-five offenders have been brought back to America to face justice in American courts.

The Penitent Man

Nicholas Gyeney92Sci-Fi

Dr. Jason Pratt is at a crossroads with his life. When one of his clients, the mysterious Mr. Darnell, walks into his office and paints him a repentant tale of future economic and moral collapse, Jason's eyes are forever opened. With the help of his best friend, Ovid, he embarks on a personal mission to change the course of his future, and possibly the world, forever.

The Witching

Corey Norman80Horror

It?s Halloween, and the anniversary of the Woodland Valley witch?s murder, which makes it the perfect night for a group of friends to meet on the spot where she died, deep in the woods, to record a new episode for their podcast. One by one around the campfire they tell stories of horror and the supernatural, of ghosts and demons, unaware of the dark forces at work in their very midst.

Top Boy

Yann Demange,Jonathan van Tulleken8X60Episodic,Crime,Drama

A thriving but underground drugs business is being run by Dushane and his friend Sully to become the richest men on the block. To live rich Dushane and Sully go into partnership with top don Bobby Raikes. Rivalry with Kamale and his gang results in their loan from Raikes being stolen, and they swear revenge. Thirteen-year old Ra'Nell gradually gets lured into the gang and drug business as his mother Lisa has a breakdown and is hospitalised - with devastating consequences.

True Love Ways

Mathieu Seiler90Horror

S?verine becomes the victim of a twisted plot when, in an attempt to win her back, her boyfriend Tom makes a deal with a mysterious man. The man constructs a plot to kidnap S?verine, giving Tom the chance to play the hero. But when S?verine faces her sadistic kidnappers, it turns into a bloody battle for survival.


Igor Cobileanski,Bogdan Mirica8x60Episodic,Crime,Drama

Taxi driver Relu is the perfect collector for the local Romanian mob. He?s tough, dependable, good in a fight. But there?s something his boss and the rest of the underworld don?t know about him: he?s got another life, complete with two children and a wife whom he?s managed to keep in the dark. His two lives remain neatly separate until Relu accidentally kills a man on a job and he finds that escaping the crime world means the lies he?s told won?t stay hidden for long.


David Caeser8X60Episodic,Crime,Drama

Underbelly: Squizzy chronicles the exploits of Joseph Taylor, aka “Squizzy” – the 1920s crime tsar whose ego and ambition knew no bounds. With an unquenchable thirst for money and power, Squizzy yearned for respect and fame and was not averse to betraying friends who stood in his way. He courted the press, bragged of his criminal exploits, ultimately creating a public persona that made him the first superstar gangster of the 20th Century.

Underground Chinese Hip Hop

Jimmy Wang60Documentary

An inside look into a hip hop revolution happening in China. For the working class Hip Hop spreads like wildfire as a vehicle for expressing their frustration, anger, hopes, and dreams of a generation grappling with their place in the new China. Yet the movement is challenged: state censors, on the one hand, and state-backed pop stars seeking to steal the name of Hip-hop on the other.

Us And The Game Industry

Stephanie Beth90Documentary

The video game industry is ever-growing and evolving, which means there are more ways than ever to play. But who are the minds behind the games, and how do they create their virtual worlds? Follow groundbreaking developer thatgamecompany as they build the award-winning, experiential game JOURNEY (2012), along with a host of independent developers from around the world working on projects of their own. It?s a peak behind the curtain revealing the technological and psychological ways the gaming industry can change future.

When The Dragon Swallowed The Sun

Dirk Simon113Documentary

This documentary reveals the recent, tragic history of Tibet with new facts, internal conflicts, and contradictions in a thorough and riveting treatment of this focus of worldwide passion and concern. The movie rewards its viewers with spectacular visuals and strong emotions, along with an original soundtrack by Philip Glass, Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Damien Rice.

You Did This To Me

Matt Bardocz60Comedy

Hormone-crazed and pregnant Kira Soltanovich gets real with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, birthing, and raising kids. Putting her belly on the line, she hones in her maternal instincts in this hard-hitting, labor of love comedy special.