La Lectora

Riccardo Gabrielli R.98Action,Drama,Thriller

Everyone wants to find a suitcase that the sons of El Patrón had the night they where killed. A language student is kidnapped to translate a journal out of German in the hope that inside the book lies a clue to the mysterious suitcase's whereabouts.

Les Formidables

Min-Ho Cho118Action

Inspector Sung-woo gets lambasted at work when his partner gets killed during a routine stakeout. Meanwhile, Su-hyun, striving to absolve himself from his criminal upbringing, gets framed for a cop killing. Knowing he?s doomed, Su-hyun escapes right under the nose of massive security. In the process, he kidnaps the hapless Sung-woo, leading to the most outlandish test of wills and survival.

Lip Service

John McKay12X60Episodic,Drama,LGBTQ

The lusts and lives of lesbian lovers in a modern urban setting. Gay photographer Frankie Alan returns home after a two year absence, and falls back into friendships and romances, including with her former lover Cat, who is now dating policeman, and Sadie & Tess, who are now roommates.

Love Simple

Mark von Sternberg86Comedy,Drama

Adam and Seta fall madly in love after meeting in a Brooklyn laundromat. She suffers from Lupus. He's stuck at home caring for his chronically ill father. Both lie through their teeth to avoid having to reveal they are anything but perfect. How long can this fabled romance last?


Vladimir Michalek6X60Episodic,Crime,Drama

Journalist Petr Vlcek has just broken a story exposing bribery involved in the privatization of Central Energy, a state-run company whose CEO happens to be Petr's brother Daniel Vlcek. When Daniel takes his own life, guilt and a need for the truth lead Petr down a dark road filled with more death and secrets the scope of which even he could never imagine.

Mary Loss Of Soul

Jennifer B. White89Thriller,Horror

Part of Mary's soul has been ripped from her body. After vanishing from her family's lake house, the 15 year-old returns without any memory of the traumatic events she experienced. Even while a nefarious mystery surrounds its circumstance-and a wrathful spirit begins haunting them-the Solis family's biggest fear is watching Mary unbecome. And knowing they must find her soul before time runs out.

Meet The Mormons

Lynn Alleway60Documentary

We know them as the young men in suits who knock on our doors, young missionaries whose job is to convert us to their particular brand of Christianity. With unprecedented access, Meet The Mormons follows a young British Mormon as he gives up two years of his life and goes off to convert the people of Leeds in a rite of passage expected since birth. For 20 year old Josh Field from Sussex, it?s an emotional journey full of sacrifice. For two whole years he must surrender entirely to church rules, he?s banned from seeing his family and friends and he has to be in the presence of a fellow missionary at all times.

Mi Verano Con Amanda

Benjamin Lopez92Comedy

Gaby and his friends decide to spend their summer in a summer house. Gaby is desperately in love with Amanda a hot Puerto Rican model but she is not even aware of it. In his attempts to win her, Gaby gets into the most outrageous and crazy situations.


Dimitri Logothetis109Documentary

Momo provides incredible evidence into Sam Giancana’s connections with the Kennedy family – how he delivered three states to ensure JFK’s election and later personally arranged for the President’s assassination. Features videos shot by Momo himself and also exposes his affair with Marilyn Monroe and potential role in her death, as well as his participation with the CIA to take down Castro in Cuba.

My Engines Fragile Sound

Leonardo Ant?nio129Thriller,Drama,Mystery

Gabi, a burn unit nurse, is in charge of the mother of an unborn child, burned and comatose from a serial killer assault. The cop handling the case, a friend of Gabi, asks for her help to identify the serial-killer if she wakes up. Gabi?s relationship with her paralyzed, wheelchair-bound husband is falling apart. She finds comfort in an affair with a mysterious lover, who ends up knowing more about the killings than Gabi realizes.

Never Ever Do This At Home

Wayne Moss12X30Episodic

Blending science, danger and comedy, hosts Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa conduct madcap experiments and test the limits of what a house can withstand. No appliance or fixture is safe in their hands. These two dangerously unqualified hosts perform a series of compelling and volatile experiments which reveal the legitimate physics and chemistry behind the cause and effect of their experiments.

North Korea: Life Inside The Secret State

James Jones60Documentary

While the elite bask in luxury in the capital city, children starve on the streets not from famine but from artificial food shortages orchestrated by a corrupt government. These are daily facts for the citizens of North Korea under new leader Kim Jong Un. Following the journey of a small group of covert North Korean filmmakers, this documentary reveals how brave smugglers, both in and outside the country, are breaking down the barriers between the oppressed and the outside world through a secret trade in USBs, cell phones and DVDs.

One Perfect Day

Paul Currie106Drama

With love, passion, and tragedy surrounding him, Tommy Matisse strives for a way to express his joy and suffering through music. Tommy leaves the Royal Academy of Music in London to come home after his sister is tragically killed. Here he quickly gets consumed by the underground club scene, where his ex-girlfriend is falling down a similar path to his sister, and where Tommy discovers his musical voice.


Johnny Hickey110Action,Crime,Thriller

Jason and Danny are forever haunted by the murder of their bank robber father which left their family desolate. When the boys' mother comes home with a new prescription painkiller, the two are introduced to one tiny pill that would forever change their lives. As they quickly find themselves at the height of Boston's Oxycontin drug trade, the brothers and their ferociously loyal crew try to hold stable ground as their lives, and the lives of everyone around them, begin to crumble.

Peep Show

Becky Martin,Tristram Shaper,Jeremy Wooding48X30Episodic,Comedy

Mark and Jez are a couple of twenty-something roommates who have nothing in common - except for the fact that their lives are anything but normal. Mayhem ensues as the pair strive to cope with day-to-day life.

People That Are Not Me

Hadas Ben Aroya80Drama

Joy, a young woman living in a big city, has a love-hate relationship with its casual sex scene. As it stands, she lives in the same neighborhood as her ex, running into him regularly. Despite their closeness, he refused to get back with her. her attempts to live the casual lifestyle backfire. A story of young people who yearn for intimacy but who also terrified by it.

Pussy Riot The Movement

Natasha Fissiak86Documentary

The true-life odyssey of the girls that rocked a country and continue to fight for human rights throughout the world. Follow the punk rockers through their harsh two year sentences for playing music. This doc tracks the stunning upwards trajectory of a youth movement that faces the goliath of an oppressive political regime. Narrated by Darryl Hannah.

Qaddafi's Female Bodyguards

Rania Ajami60Documentary

Qaddafi?s Female Bodyguards takes fascinating look inside one of the Mid-East's most unusual military units, Libya's elite female military corps who were assigned to guard the country's supreme leader, Mohmmar Qaddafi. The film examines how these women embody the tension between Islam and modernization in a nomadic society, between feminism and an old-style dictatorship.

Queer As Folk

Sarah Harding,Charles McDougall,Menhaj Huda10x60Drama,LGBTQ

This original UK series that inspired the hit American remake follows a colorful group of friends at the heart of Manchester's gay club scene, namely Nathan, 15 years old and in love with Stuart (handsome, rich, king of the one-night stand) whose best friend Vince is just looking for something real.

Recon 2022

Christian Viel90Sci-Fi

After the gruesome events on Caprini, Sharp and his elite team of tough, witty and trigger happy space Marines must now head out to the icy planet Mezzo to investigate further Ma'har activities. What they will encounter will defy their imagination.


Mariella Sosa89Documentary

Reggaeton La Clave is a fascinating musical documentary film about the similarities between two types of music genA fascinating doc about the similarities between Salsa and Reggaeton. Includes the hottest stars of reggaeton and the old school greats of salsa: Ruben Blades, Johnny Pacheco, Willie Colon, Ismael Miranda, Gilberto SantaRosa, Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, and Hector "El Father".These artists all come together to show how their music is all composed under "La Clave," the five-note two-bar rhythm pattern which generates rhythmic measurement and is the backbone of Salsa (and all Afro-Cuban based music). 

Sami Blood

Amanda Kernell110Drama

Elle Maria, 14, is a reindeer-herding Sami girl. Exposed to the racism of the 1930?s and race biology examinations at her boarding school she starts dreaming of another life. To achieve this other life she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture.


Paul Walker26X60Episodic,Comedy,Drama

The six Gallagher kids have had to learn to take care of themselves in the rough Manchester council estate of Chatsworth. With nothing but a mother who’s run off and Frank, their alcoholic prophet-father, oldest daughter Fiona steps up to keep this dysfunctional family together. The acclaimed British series upon which the American version was based, “Shameless” is a funny, incisive portrait of a poor community fighting for a shot at happiness.


Adam Caudill97Thriller,Sci-Fi

An ominous disaster forces five survivors to wait out nuclear winter in a secret underground bomb shelter. With limited supplies and nowhere else to go, the group struggles against the clock until it's safe to return to the surface. As weeks turn into months, one room proves too small for five people. Social norms break down in their one-room civilization where privacy is extinct. Habits curdle into routine, relationships dissolve, obsessions give way to madness. Trapped not only with each other but with the consequences of their actions, the survivors must ask themselves: Is their underground life worth preserving at all?

Small Animal Hospital

Malcolm McKissock,Alison Pinkney15X30Episodic,Documentary

John Barrowman, famed for his roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood, cares passionately about animals and in this series his knowledge, love and enthusiasm will open up the extraordinary and entertaining world of pets. Experience the front line of Europe?s top school of Veterinary Medicince as they save countless loved ones. John will follow heartwarming transformation stories from the moment the ?patients? are brought in, through their diagnosis, treatment and recovery to the moment they are reunited with their owners. We?ll be with them every step of the way! Expect tears, stress, joy, and sheer relief as we journey through the cures.